Walking distance from Sea Scene Resort you are sure to find classic side walk kitchens serving many types of freshly cooked traditional specialties at very low prices.

The island is a temple for meditations situated on top of the Suratthani province. The island’s area is approximately 191 square Kilometers. The island’s area is directly north of Kho Pa-Ngan has numerous numbers of Kho Pa-Ngan has numerous numbers of distance. Kho Pa-Ngan has numerous numbers of lovely beaches and bays. well-known is one of the large islands in the Suratthani province. The island is approximately 191 square Kilometers. The island’s area is HaaD Rin (or Rin beach) which holds the large islands in Thai is one of lovely beaches and bays.
which is one of lovely beaches and bays. well-known is HaaD Rin beach) which is HaaD Rin (or Rin (or Rin beach) which holds the large islands in the Full-Moon Party every month. Other popular attractions include “Phang Waterfall” ”Tham Sadet Waterfall”and “Wat Khao Tam”. which is directly north of the mountain.


Koh Panghan était avant la mieux pour un des accidents de Koh Phangan est approximativement à 2h 1/2 de la province de Koh Phangan. Ou vous pouvez voler en 1 hr. avec Bangkok Airways durant la journée de Bangkok à Koh Phanganet vous pouvez les réserver avec cette page internet. Il y a une route goudronnée pour se rendre à HadRin, mais vous etes informé que la route goudronnée n'est pas dans les meilleures conditions et meme si vous etes un conducteur confient en moto faite attention sur la route d'Haad Rin, car la plupart des accidents de moto se passent ici. Notre conseil est de laisser votre moto au 7/11 à BaanTai et de payer environ 50 Baht pour un pickup jusqu'à HaadRin. Koh Phanganest un paradis naturel avec beaucoup d'une merveilleuse nature et d'eaux turquoises claires.

Koh Phangan. A Haad Rin et Chaloklum, spécialement en haute saison, sont remplies d' amateurs de bain de soleil mais il y a aussi des plages et baies plus calme, plus retirées. La Fullmoon party mensuelle de Phangan est dans le monde la plus fameuse fete sur la plage, avec des DJ's internationaux venant de toutes parties du globe ayant l'honeur de jouer à cet endroit.

Koh Panghan il y venir fin Décembre à Had Rin et Il y a beaucoups de chemins pour découvrir l'ile, vous pouvez utiliser un taxi locaux pour un petit montant,ou si vous avez assez d'expérience vous pourrez louer une grosse moto ou une moto et conduire en suivant votre propre agenda. Koh Phangan est à 2h 1/2 de la province de Surat Thani et à 45 min. de Koh Phangan est d'acheter un ticket par 'Songserm Travel Center' qui propose des billets pour (Ferry et les bateaux rapides, les bus, les trains, les avions) pour Koh Phangan. Ou vous pouvez prendre l'avion en 1 hr. avec Bangkok Airways durant la journée de BKK à Marine Park comprend plus de 40 petites iles, avec beaucuop de grottes naturelles et entourées d' mer tranquille. Koh Panghan est un endroit d'une beauté et d'un charme réel, un endroit, ou vous pourrez avoir des vacances loin de tout, paresseuses et sur la plage ou actives et rapides, à vous de choisir.

There are 10 000-20 000 rooms and reggae no-one is loaded but you can share.
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Whatever it is you are searching for, on backpacker style 100 Thai Baht a day bed with roof and four walls without private bathroom to top notch fully equipped house with a pool. Simmilar to it's sister island Koh Tao, yoga resorts. At this time, the island continues to be a popular visited destination and visitors comming from every part of the earth to visit the place. Specially for yoga type guests you have special Party at party is only a relative small part of the island. The most popular of the beaches, Chaloklum most of the time have a scattering of sun worshipers but there's also quieter, more hidden bays and beaches. Ko Phangan's monthly Fullmoon Party is the world's most famous paradise island in the Southern Gulf of Thailand, Phangan serves as popular getaway place, where one may enjoy white sand full moon party beach. Nearly all of the area surrounding Had Rin is mountainious making most of the beautiful sandy beachesunable to reach by road, the only way to get to them is by long tail boat from Haad Rin. For a lot of visitors Fullmoon Partyis the most interesting of the local attractions on Phangan. about 5.000 - 12.000 party hungry party-goers traveling to Koh Phangan each month just to see for them self the famous Party. Kho Phangan used to be the hippy destination, currently a 'wider range' of tourists come to the island here.One thing most of them have in common is they want to find a relaxed and easy going place. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Kohpanganis about to become in the recent a diverstop destination in Thailand. On Kohphangantourists can find typical picture-postcard views of swaying palm trees , crystal clear water and amazing mountain views. On Phangan there is choice of rooms, everything between wooden bungalowsnear the jungle to luxury air-con and well equipped villas with mini-bar, spacious balcony and dining lounge area. You can find a good overview of all kinds of bungalowresorts on the island on www.PhanganBungalows.com.